Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which projects are in focus at MEDigital?

    Currently we work at the vitamin D bird migration project. Vitamin D is related to seasonal change in the North and South hemisphere. We follow migratory birds and insect density in several climate areas in the World to find answers for human health. Therefore the project has a long completion time.

  • Which projects require sponsoring?

    The vitamin D bird migration project requires sponsoring because it is aimed at creating a better understanding about the role of vitamin D in humans (see further).

  • Why multiple sponsoring?

    The role of vitamin D is of much importance for life on Earth and Human Health. It covers several Medical fields, like skeleton building, general health, prevention of brain disorders and healthy ageing. Therefore companies in several Medical fields as well as other parties can offer sponsorship. As MEDigital is an independent platform of knowledge we do not want to confine the current project to one party.

  • Which parties can become a sponsor for the vitamin D project?

    As we are seeking the answers in many parts of the World we invite companies operating in the medical field as well as authorities to contribute to the public awareness of the need of adequate vitamin D levels in the body.
    We already received sponsoring from Land Rover Centre Enschedé by letting us use a Land Rover Defender Soft Top for two days of filming.

  • If we decide to back up this project by endorsing a grant, what is our benefit?

    If you as company or authority grant this project you will contribute to the general knowledge of people about this theme. Good health education and improving health knowledge may prevent, detect and possibly enhance recovery of disease. Depending on the amount of donated money we offer free advertisement with your logo on our website. We agree that you mention this project in advertisement.

  • What Technical Equipment is used by MEDigital for the vitamin D project?

    Some of the footage is performed under unpredictable and often difficult circumstances. Special techniques are required to get the best result.
    The cameras we use for this project did pass the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) test, commonly referred to as the ‘BBC test’. Some of these cameras have the highest ISO sensitivity known today. Together with the high aperture lenses this makes it possible to maintain high image quality even in the darkest sheds where one of our protagonists, the barn swallow, dwells. Also the speed and the agility are a challenge for the cameras and the camera men and women. For this purpose we use speed cameras that can capture 240 fps (frames per second) in full HD.