ADHD Project

In 2014 we produced a psychoeducation tool in benefit of the treatment of adults with ADHD for Lilly Nederland BV. This health education film has been made available to psychiatrists and patients from the beginning of 2015. In first instance by means of a video brochure, the Strattera Startpackage. The aim of this education film is to inform adult patients that have been diagnosed with ADHD and will start with the medicine Strattera extensively on prevalence, risks in development and daily functioning, the underlying neurophysiology, the mode of action of the medicine and the possible side effects of Strattera, but also the consequences of participation in traffic and current government regulation for this in the Netherlands. To ascertain the viewer sticks to the subject the more technical information is braided with every day drama that may occur with untreated ADHD. Recognizable and tragic-comical alike for the spectator.

By matching the musical pieces with the mood swings of the film scenes the picture gains strength and attention value.