Welcome to the MEDigital World of Health Education

We invite you on our scientific adventure about human health in everyday situations and 3D animation.

About the founder

Willem Bohlmeijer is a psychiatrist.
He is a firm believer that adequate patient education will help to overcome stigma about disease and will stimulate compliance.

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In many diseases it is necessary to stimulate full remission and to adjust one's life style to prevent further damage and future decompensation. Many patients however struggle with their own beliefs and the beliefs of their surroundings of which therapy is most adequate.

This is especially the case in psychiatric disease, but also in other medical illnesses. Shame and denial are bad advisors. Clear and objective information can be helpful to overcome this struggle of patients and their surrounding system.

For us it is a logical step to create films with every day situations which can be associated with disease. We use 3D animation of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry to show the processes that are normally invisible to the human eye. For our team it is an every day challenge to make the information as accessible as possible. I invite you to follow our achievements on this website and in social media.