Scientific educational programs

Scientific educational programs are lectures on distance. These are not merely intended for foreign universities and colleges, but also for training of health professionals in the field.

In General, because of the international character and to make the lectures and interviews accessible, we choose these to take place, possibly with subtitles, in English.

Where support is required the content can be clarified with casuistic film clips, slides and 3D animations to illustrate the topic.

For specific topics, experts, opinion leaders and scientists, are interviewed to explain “State of the art” scientific insights.

To promote the interaction a Q&A module can be included, in which students and fellow professionals can ask questions to clarify the scientific content.

The lectures will be shaped in such a way that the knowledge is optimally transferred to student and professional.
This lectures will be based on the latest scientific findings, contain dynamic and exiting moving images with comprehensible and intelligible explanation, supported by music to hold attention on moments where this would otherwise be slacking, in order to achieve optimal knowledge transfer.
This new form of presentation of complex and often hard to fathom content offers far more than written or spoken text alone.

Currently, we are developing proposals to be used in several countries. Whether it's training of nurses in third world countries, or sophisticated lectures at foreign universities. We are happy to think along with you to optimize knowledge transfer.